Dec 31, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Picture this.
Yesterday, Alex, Googs and I went to the park to play with our new Rock Crawler remote controlled car, and it was a lot of fun for all.  This stoner kid came walking by (there are a lot of them in the woods at Tom Brown Park) and he was laughing at Serena chasing the RC car.  He then lingered awhile and mumbled some shit, and then Alex was like "alright, see ya later" and the stoner was like "yeah...ahhhh...ya'll have a good 4th of July and stuff".
Reminds me of why I am not a stoner anymore.

Reminds me of why I am not a stoner anymore.

What Are You Doing New Years Eve? by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-L...

Dec 30, 2011

South Cackalakee Christmas

What a great Christmas.  Serena was in heaven with her cousins, she was happier than ever.  I had a steady flow of wine and beer thanks to my in-laws and the company and conversations were awesome. The church was a little weird, but at least we went!   We got some great gifts, too many, it made us feel bad...not Serena, she didn't feel bad. Anyway, here are some of the 1000 pics I took.

Dec 18, 2011

coke balls?

I was meandering through Wal-mart tonight and I saw a big bin of...balls of Coke?  Is it just me, or are balls of Coke a bad idea.  I mean, they just need a big 8 on the side to finish it off.  Then I was looking for  a pic in google image search, to show you what I saw, and I found this.  Just perfect. Is that why Santa's beard is so white?

Dec 17, 2011

A Night Out

Sometimes this old broad needs a night out.  I get the motherhood part of this blog all day everyday, sometime I want some of the beer part too.  Tonight I had a great night, I met with my writing group at 6:30 for some stimulating conversation, then headed over to a friend's festive cocktail party.  It feels pretty great to put on a pair of heels and curl my hair.  Yes, that's all it takes.

Dec 14, 2011

Motherhood, Music and Beer: Proud Wife

Motherhood, Music and Beer: Proud Wife: I baked some Christmas cookies tonight but couldn't finish them because I had a needy 21 month old and I was late for my RCIA and choir pr...

Proud Wife

I baked some Christmas cookies tonight but couldn't finish them because I had a needy 21 month old and I was late for my RCIA and choir practice.  I had purchased a reusable icing bag and 6 tips for less than $10, as a present to myself, so I wouldn't be embarrassed about my "poop" cookies (see previous post on xmas cookies).  Anyway, I left Alex the icing and bag and told him he could have the first "ice".  I came home to little xmas works of art :)  I am so proud he maneuvered the icing bag, better than I would have.  He even said he did some of them one-handed.

Dec 12, 2011

Santa's Helper

I got the "monday crafting bug", aka the "2 weeks before Christmas too broke to buy stuff crafting bug".

Here is what I am up to:

making bows out of scribbled on paper
as seen here: Gift bow tutorial

making boxes for our homemade yummies to go in
as seen here: gift box tutorial

Dec 10, 2011

Festive nails

China Glaze Twinkle Lights
Here's a pic of my holiday party nails!
Here is the link for the China Glaze holiday colors Color Palette 

 I also wore the Holly-day, hot hot hot.

Christmas parties here I come.

Dec 3, 2011

Sippin' on Gin n' Juice...

...naw....just kiddin''s chai tea.

Best of Bestie's Birthday

Oh, to be 2 again.  Life was so simple and fun.  Serena's little bestie's Birthday party was today, she turned 2.   Here are the best of the pics I got.  Good times.  Great friends.  Catherine did an AMAZING job, how will I ever compete.  I have 3 months.

picture props

amazing favors with capes!

delicious food

birthday girl and super mom

It's all about the big girls here

best friends for life

she had dibs on the swing the whole time

love this pic, pure happiness

Dec 1, 2011