Jun 24, 2011

Where's the Music?

I feel like a poser.  My blog is supposed to have 3 components; motherhood, music and beer.  I have plenty of motherhood up in this mug.  A lot of the time I am downing a beer while posting.  Where is the music?  I have a wall of sad, dusty guitars waiting to be played.  My keyboard is M.I.A.  My protools program crapped out almost two years ago.  I bought a new blank music notebook that I have written one chord in...in the last year.  To give myself a little slack, sometimes I write lyrics, but they never get put to chords.  Most days I find myself watching music videos, vocal talent shows, or listening to new music on itunes...and I think "I can do that shit".  I am such a poser though.  When I started this blog I thought it would force me to make music, then I could share it with all of you.  When Googs goes down for her nap, I always plan to make some music.  I never do.  Can I have a June-years resolution?  I resolve to write a song...sometime....soon....maybe....when I have the time....oh what the F$#@....I am a poser.  You heard it here.  I am suckety suck suck.  Where is all the inspiration and drive I had a couple of years ago?  Gone.  Gone with the wind.  Poor Renee.  Pity party time.  Pity me people.  PITY ME!  I am making a vow, not of silence (that has gone on long enough), but I vow that I WILL compose a song, however shitty it may be, by the end of July.  You think I won't do it?  We'll see.  YOU'LL see.   

One more thing:
I love the group the Civil Wars.  Cool shit.

My mom got me the summer playlist code from Starbucks and it's some good shit too. 

Jun 11, 2011

A Week at the Beach

Hanging out with the Bricks/Watsons 
The Crew

Catch and eat baby

Alex's Fixin's

fireworks on the beach

My little family at a seafood restaurant

Myrtle beach...yes we rode that ferris wheel

"shovel this mommy"
I just spent a week at the beach in SC.  It was awesome.  What's better than a week of non-stop beer, beach and babies?  Nothing.  Now I want to live on a commune because it was so great to have a house full on 16 people running around, eating everybody's delicious snacks and enjoying community booze.  Here are some pics.