Sep 29, 2011

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas - Stolen post

I had to steal this video from my friend over at Mommy's Sippy Cup

Sep 23, 2011

Bye Bye 20's

my bday party last year, drunken football
This will be my last weekend in my 20's.  That went fast.  The other day I was thinking about how this 10 years went by so fast, and I really have only accomplished something at the end of it, getting married and having Googs.  I basically just partied my ass off for the first 3 quarters of it.  That's what you are supposed to do.  Party like it's 1999, from 1999 to 2011.   I am not scared or sad or depressed about turning 30.  I don't want anymore wrinkles or spots on my face, but other than that, I am excited to see what my 30's bring.   I feel more comfortable and secure with myself than I did when I was 20.  I have Googs to keep me company 24/7.  I have a super hot husband that cooks me elaborate meals on a daily basis.  I think this decade will rock.  So, happy birthday to me!  I have to go get my fake tan on now while Googs is napping.  Holla!

Sep 20, 2011

Rite of Wifedom

I was just thinking and thought I would share my thought with you.  Does that make sense?  I feel like Kitchenaid mixers are a rite of passage into being the perfect homemaker/wife/mother/woman.  It's like, you could live in a shitty trailer, but if you had this gleaming Kitchenaid mixer, you are golden, even envied, you know, among us non-owners.  I'm just saying.  I mean, no offense to my friends that have one.  It's awesome.  I just think it's the the icing on the cake...pun intended.

Sep 14, 2011

Big Hits (Stolen post) and Video

My blog friend over at Maeve's Momma, posted a great blog today called Big Hits and I am stealing it.  Such a thief.  I always love her posts, she has a great quote in the beginning and always follows it up with some heartfelt or humorous insight into mommyhood.  She's a mommy badass.

So here are some of Goo Goo's Favorite things:

Favorite Color: I used to think orange because she always picked the orange pieces of toys out.  I now think it is anything colored like a cat.  If a cat colored thing passes by, usually it's a cat, and she's gotta have it.  So the color of cat.

Favorite food:  Let's see...she really eats the heck out of blueberries.  She also likes pulled pork like little Maeve.  She went through a bacon phase where she would suck the bacon dry of salt then spit it out.  Wait!  Now I know.  She loves pasta.  Pasta pasta pasta.  She can scarf down some ravioli.

Favorite toy:  we just got a slide we brought home to put in our living room.  She likes that a lot.  Goo Goo has always loved things that aren't toys, like most kids.  She used to like these halloween shot glasses.  She really enjoys this Jeff Foxworthy book about "you know you're old when...".  She carries it everywhere.  Her baby dolls are important too.

Serena's Favorite Adult:  Besides me and Alex, she really like Jennifer, my chinese friend.  She thinks all chinese women are Jennifer, and she loves them.  Jennifer is cool because she plays with Serena, I think she can tell that she is a kid at heart and actually enjoys the company of an 18 month old.

Serena's Favorite Sesame Street Character:  Hands down, Cookie monster.  She loves elmo.  What kid doesn't?  Cookie monster kind of makes her scared and happy and she is really into that "on the edge" feeling.  Like, Cookie is always cracked out looking for another cookie.  Serena likes that.  I guess I have to watch out for her dating years, you know, liking the druggies.

Here is a video we took, actually when Jennifer (her favorite adult) was over for dinner.  For some reason she likes to crack up laughing at the dinner table, only when we have guests though.  Such an entertainer.

Sep 12, 2011

LMAO Monday

Here is my LMAO moment of the day.
Picture this:
I am feeling crafty.  Looking for some ideas on pinterest.  Start to "google image" search for "fall crafts".  So, I'm looking, looking, some cute pics of kids crafts, pics of fall leaves, pumpkins, know, the usual.
Look at cute.
Then, here it comes....
This pics hits my eyes:

hmmmmmmmmm...what exactly is "fall Craft" about this photo?