Big Hits (Stolen post) and Video

My blog friend over at Maeve's Momma, posted a great blog today called Big Hits and I am stealing it.  Such a thief.  I always love her posts, she has a great quote in the beginning and always follows it up with some heartfelt or humorous insight into mommyhood.  She's a mommy badass.

So here are some of Goo Goo's Favorite things:

Favorite Color: I used to think orange because she always picked the orange pieces of toys out.  I now think it is anything colored like a cat.  If a cat colored thing passes by, usually it's a cat, and she's gotta have it.  So the color of cat.

Favorite food:  Let's see...she really eats the heck out of blueberries.  She also likes pulled pork like little Maeve.  She went through a bacon phase where she would suck the bacon dry of salt then spit it out.  Wait!  Now I know.  She loves pasta.  Pasta pasta pasta.  She can scarf down some ravioli.

Favorite toy:  we just got a slide we brought home to put in our living room.  She likes that a lot.  Goo Goo has always loved things that aren't toys, like most kids.  She used to like these halloween shot glasses.  She really enjoys this Jeff Foxworthy book about "you know you're old when...".  She carries it everywhere.  Her baby dolls are important too.

Serena's Favorite Adult:  Besides me and Alex, she really like Jennifer, my chinese friend.  She thinks all chinese women are Jennifer, and she loves them.  Jennifer is cool because she plays with Serena, I think she can tell that she is a kid at heart and actually enjoys the company of an 18 month old.

Serena's Favorite Sesame Street Character:  Hands down, Cookie monster.  She loves elmo.  What kid doesn't?  Cookie monster kind of makes her scared and happy and she is really into that "on the edge" feeling.  Like, Cookie is always cracked out looking for another cookie.  Serena likes that.  I guess I have to watch out for her dating years, you know, liking the druggies.

Here is a video we took, actually when Jennifer (her favorite adult) was over for dinner.  For some reason she likes to crack up laughing at the dinner table, only when we have guests though.  Such an entertainer.


  1. Hey, thanks for the compliment and the link love :)
    Maeve likes to suck bacon too - kinda grosses me out, lol.


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