Feb 22, 2012


Couldn't help myself when I saw these pics my hubby took

Feb 20, 2012

EWTN.com - New Book Points Out Pitfalls of Cohabitation

EWTN.com - New Book Points Out Pitfalls of Cohabitation

I have been telling my friends this since I took a Marriage & The Family class in community college back in 2001. It truly makes a difference in a relationship, to have that commitment. You don't have to get married, but moving in together is a death penalty on a relationship. It may not end right away, but eventually, with the lack of commitment wearing away at you...the "what if's" always peeking around the corner, you will be unhappy. I have lived with two boyfriends before I lived with my 3third and final, and trust me, it wasn't until I married Alex, that I really felt comfortable and secure. I could have made it work with the 1st two if we were married. I really truly believe that. They were both good dudes in happy relationships now, but living together with no commitment in sight is what ruined it. Even an engagement can help, but there is always a doubt as to whether it will last. For me, I think that marriage is "'til death do us part" and I think most people believe that, whether they admit it or not. That binding of two people is a beautiful thing and should be taken seriously and with lot's of respect and selflessness, you can have a blossoming love affair for life. I really believe we can all make it happen. So, take the leap (with the right person) and you will see that the day after you are married, you will feel a huge weight lifted off of you. It's kind of like confession I think, I hope. I am told that confession is so freeing and I can't wait to be a part of it.

Feb 18, 2012


I am really glad that I joined the Junior League and that I get to do hands on things in the community.  Today I went to Boys Town of North Florida  and spent the morning having fun with the foster kids and cooking a healthy meal.  It's hard to feel good about yourself for doing things like this, because I am just there for a couple of hours, but there are men and women who give their whole lives to these kids.  They were such great kids, really polite and thankful, and you kind of have to be when you are in a situation like that.  It is important that these kids know they are special and worth it, not just charity cases,  but the same as every other kid in our country, they just need love and attention and respect.  I know they put on a happy face for us when we are there, they are happy to see us, but we don't see the day to day lives of these kids.  We don't know their rough histories and the deep hurt they feel.  It is probably better that way, they don't want us to feel sorry for them.  I want to go back, I don't want to be someone they are like " this lady is never gonna come back here".  I am hoping to make it back there next time, to not be another disappointment for them.  If you can donate your time or money to this organization, you should.  It's a great organization full of love.  If you can't give to them, then give to someone else, not just to make yourself feel good, but to make others feel good.  That is what life is about and that is why god gave us a voice and hands...to share and help with others.
See the Kids in the Kitchen website for info and tips and stuff.

Feb 17, 2012

My Diplomatic Toddler

Tonight while finishing dinner, I asked Serena who she wanted to take a bath with tonight, "mommy" or "daddy"?
She looked at both of us with a huge smile and then at the cat and said "OATES!"
Alex said that was very diplomatic.

Feb 14, 2012

My funny Valentine

So, the other day I was in my room doing laundry and Serena was calling me "Mah-mah!  Maaaah Mah!" so I am like "are you stuck?' and I go in there and I see this...

Yes, she is laughing here.  She apparently thought that a massacre shot was very funny.  I have no idea where this kid comes up with this stuff.  That's bunnah (her bunny), new baby and old baby.  
I love her.

Feb 12, 2012

Great Guitar Blog

I know I don't post enough about music on this blog, since "the child", my music has suffered greatly.  I do however, get amazing lessons emailed, for free, from this awesome blog I found a long time ago Not Playing Guitar.  I may not always utilize his lessons, although I should, especially since I haven't taken lessons for a couple of years now.  I do miss my mentor/teacher/friend Fred Cantor, but the Not Playing Guitar blog is an awesome site for free lessons.  FREE!  Not many good things in life are free these days (woe is me) and you should check out this site if you are an aspiring or current guitar player.  

groovin' on a sunday afternooon
I am going to make an effort this week, especially since I am in week 2 of my Artist Way journey, to work on exploring my musical fairy deep within.  I can do it.  I will do it.  Like Nike.  My creativity is important and is a necessary and natural process that I should be enjoying and cultivating daily.  You should too, even if all you do is just listen to your favorite album from start to finish.  You will feel good.  Music heals what ails 'ya.

Feb 11, 2012

We're gonna get a house!

Here's the Beaut
I don't want to jinx it...but we have a new home in the works.  I haven't been blogging much because I have been so busy day-dreaming about my new house.   We had a few we were thinking about, this one didn't need much repair and it also has this really cute 1960's charm to it.  We both love an older home.  I'm so vintage.  It's not huge by any means, bigger is not always better in a house...too much to clean.  I can hardly sleep at night because I want this deal to work out, I want to be moved in and I especially can't wait for my mom, in-laws and best friend to be down helping and celebrating Serena's 2nd birthday, all in the same week.  It's going to be a busy next few weeks, especially since I have choir, my Artist's Way group, Junior League and softball commitments, among other things.  Life is busy right now, but in a good way.  My friend Christina told me that this year in the chinese zodiac is all about big changes and last year was supposed to be about contemplation.  Hearing that, I think the chinese really know what's up.  Last year was my first year here in Tallahassee and I spent a lot of time contemplating how I want my life to go.  This year we are getting a house and making big changes to simplify our home life.  I can't wait to get into this hizzy and make it my beeeeeotch.