I am really glad that I joined the Junior League and that I get to do hands on things in the community.  Today I went to Boys Town of North Florida  and spent the morning having fun with the foster kids and cooking a healthy meal.  It's hard to feel good about yourself for doing things like this, because I am just there for a couple of hours, but there are men and women who give their whole lives to these kids.  They were such great kids, really polite and thankful, and you kind of have to be when you are in a situation like that.  It is important that these kids know they are special and worth it, not just charity cases,  but the same as every other kid in our country, they just need love and attention and respect.  I know they put on a happy face for us when we are there, they are happy to see us, but we don't see the day to day lives of these kids.  We don't know their rough histories and the deep hurt they feel.  It is probably better that way, they don't want us to feel sorry for them.  I want to go back, I don't want to be someone they are like " this lady is never gonna come back here".  I am hoping to make it back there next time, to not be another disappointment for them.  If you can donate your time or money to this organization, you should.  It's a great organization full of love.  If you can't give to them, then give to someone else, not just to make yourself feel good, but to make others feel good.  That is what life is about and that is why god gave us a voice and hands...to share and help with others.
See the Kids in the Kitchen website for info and tips and stuff.


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