Sep 30, 2010

20. 10 favorite websites

My 10 tippity top sites.   A peak into my computer :)  STALKER!!!

1.  Blogger!  Love to blog and I am addicted to finding new cool blogs to enrich myself and snoop
2.  Facebook  I love myself and think everyone else wants to know what I am doing and thinking
3.  Baby Center updates and info on S's growth...great for proving a point in a parental feud
4.  NPR  LOVE NPR and knowledge and news and all that jazz
5.  Mint it idiot proofs your budget and spending, for math idiots like me
6.  Photobucket and Shutterfly  photo sites to share and edit pics of my awesome life
7.  Playlist and slacker playlist to create playlists of music and slacker to listen to good tunes
8.  wikipedia to prove someone wrong in an argument
9.  twitter just got back into it.  It's great for contests and stuff.
10. lulus and forever21  fashion at it's cheapest...which is all I can afford.

It's a Wonderful Life

My week in Pics!
Birthday sisters (we share the same bday) at da club

Kendall is so VIP.

My girls Kendall and Andrea at my bday bash
I decided to put roller blade pads on and play tackle football with Andrea.  Booze.
Always a staple at my house, Apple Pie Shots. Just pour apple juice, vodka, whip cream and cinnamon in friends mouth and swish and VOILA!

Tuesday...Serena finally met Suesan (one of my childhood friends daughter who lives in Philly).  Damn we are old!
Besties for life, just like their mommas.

Pic I took last night at Dinner at Texas de new fav pic of hubby and S!
My cousin Dutch at dinner.  Everything is spooky in the jungle with

What a great week!  I love birthday weeks.  Having a baby makes it so much better. xoxoxoxoxo

Sep 27, 2010

My Fav Blog Posts Today

Just thought I would share with you some cool/cute/fun/entertaining blog posts I read today.  HOLLA!

From Life in Orlando This post is sooooooooo ridiculously cute!

From It's an Average Life She is paying it it inspired me to do the same!

From Maeve's Momma She always has great quotes on her posts and I love her mother daughter moments!

From Pablo's Angel.  She rocks.  This post is about Xmas vs. Halloween.  Ye Ol' Dilemma.

From Because I said So  Can parenting get any funnier?  She is so funny!

19. 10 things that you could not live without

10 things I could not live without.

Do I have to list the obvious?  Water, oxygen, food, underwear, toothbrush, shelter.  I will leave those out of my list because that would be a lame list.

1.  A car.  Whenever my car has been "out of order" I always feel like I am going to die.  It makes me feel helpless to not be able to go anywhere on my own.
2.  Air conditioning.  Our A/C was out for like 24 hours last month...and I almost died.  It was horrific.  I live in Florida for god's sake!
3.  People.  I could not be stranded on an island alone.  I would not be content with painting a volleyball with my blood and calling it my friend.  Not gonna happen.  I need interaction.
4.  TV.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but I love the boob tube/idiot box.  Watching TV makes me happy.
5.  A hairdryer.  For real.  I could not imagine going to a wedding/nightclub/any event that I am supposed to look good for, and not have my hair blown dry.  It makes a huge difference.  It is good in the winter too, so I don't get a cold (that's what my grandpa always said...wet head = sick)
6.  Education.  How would I survive if I didn't know how to read, write, do math etc.  Education is highly underrated.  We would just be animals eating each other.
7.  Faith.  Faith that there is more to life than just being put in the ground and forgotten.  I would like to believe that one day I will see my grandpa's again.
8.  Tampons.  Pads suck!  I used enough pads after pregnancy and they are NOT cool.  Not cool.
9.  A camera.  I love pictures and looking back at good times.
10. Money.  I need money.  I have just enough to pay the bills right now.  If I had any less I would not survive.  I wish I had excessive amounts...but a little will do for now.

Sep 24, 2010

18. Ten most important people in your life me me me me me me me me me....J/K.  This weekend is my birthday weekend...WOOT WOOT...HOLLA, so I am very important.  Here is my Top 10 most important peeps.

1. baby girl!
2. fine husband.
3.  My momma.  She's badass.
4.  My brother, that honky ass.
5.  Tied for fifth are both my grandmas.  Hot bitches.
6.  The Dansbergers.  My uncle Ted and Aunt Jen and my lil' cousin Dutch.  
7,8,9.  Chrissy, Andrea and Christy. My besties.
10. God.  I had to throw him in there.  He's pretty good to me.

If you were not on this list, I swear you were #11.

HAPPY F'ing BDAY TO ME. 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 22, 2010

17. 5 favorite actors, 5 favorite actresses

Don't they all like to be called "actors" now?

Actresses/girl crushes:
Sophia Bush
Olivia Wilde
Zoey Deschanel (sp?)
Jennifer Aniston
Emma Stone
(those are just off the top of my head right now)

Eric Bana
Charlie Hunnam
Leonardo Dicaprio
Jason Lewis
Simon Baker
(I'm getting all hot and bothered...sorry Alex)

Sep 21, 2010

I'm on a Boat!

Renata, Curt and baby Summer were kind enough to invite us on their boat this past sunday.  I didn't want to miss the bucs game, but I have DVR..woot woot!  We had such a blast.  You can't beat Florida in September, on a boat, with some brews and good company.  We took the boat out of Sanford and went to Blue Springs.  I didn't go into the springs because I wanted to keep my nipples attached.  Here are some pics.

Me and Goo Goo

Alex and Goo Goo ( I love this pic!!!)

The Sousleys

Renata and Me

Name that Tune

Number 16 on my 25 day list challenge.

Put your  music player on shuffle, list the first ten songs that come up.

Simple enough.

1.  California English by Vampire Weekend
2. War Gamer (comedy) by Dane Cook
3. Kiss my Disease by Virgo's Merlot
4. Hot n Cold by Katy Perry
5. Losing Keys by Jack Johnson
6. Lite a Flame by Laura Nyro
7. Ooh Ooh Baby by Britney Spears
8. Lingering Still by She & Him
9. All Good Things by The Weepies
10. The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News

I tried to make a playlist of these songs on but half of them weren't on there.  Hmph.

Sep 16, 2010

Let's give em' somethin' to talk about

There are some things that you think or feel that are never uttered. 

 I know that everyone has these. 

 Do you know what I am talking about?
  I cannot give an example because I know it will be used against me in some way.  There are all of these memories and clashing wants and needs that are constantly clouding my brain.  I wonder if other people have this going on too.  There is this deep want for the past, not to do over, but to just be there again...for nostalgia or comfort or something.  I love the present and look forward to the future.  It is hard to separate past from present and future.  To live in the present is a bad idea I think.  I cannot shut off my past experiences and I really don't want to.  It's like my secret place to go.  I feel like at this point in my life, I kind of know where my life is headed and I like it.  That doesn't stop me from thinking about all of the different pathways I could have taken, like relationships that I could have kept or educational decisions I have made, or even getting off of my lazy ass to pursue dreams.  It's bittersweet for sure.  I love my life right now.  Could I have loved it even more on one of the other paths?  I don't think I could, but I cannot help wondering.
 Can you?

Sep 15, 2010

Where in the world is...

15. 10 places you want to visit before you die

Number 15 on my 25 day list challenge.  Ten places I want to visit before I die.  How very morbid.  

Well, before I was an adult, I had never left the country or the eastern side of the US.  When I was about 19 I went on a cruise to the Bahamas.  About 4 years ago I went to the Bahamas again.  If you don't count the Bahamas as leaving the country (which most people don't),  I went to Greece with Alex back in 2007.  That was my first REAL trip out of the country.  I realized that I really like home (America) and that traveling is a bitch.  I figured that I should try to see my own country, since there is so much to see here, before I venture over the big pond again.  Oh, and I finally went west on my honeymoon.  We went to San Fran and Napa.  Napa is my favorite place in the world, it's a place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.  
 Here are 10 places that I would like to go.

1.  Back to Napa Valley to get more drunk, more relaxed, and eat more delicious food.
2.  Texas...the middle of nowhere, where all of those BBQ places are on the food network. mmmmm.
3.  Chicago.  I have heard that it is a really cool city.  Momma likes big cities.
4.  Back to NY city to get more drunk, see more shows, watch more baseball and eat good food.
5.  Vegas Baby!
6.  Los Angeles.  I know it's dirty and crime ridden, but I am a celebrity whore and I would love to go to Rodeo
7.  Seattle.  I love hippies and coffee and music.  I have been told I would love it.
8.  Back to West's wild and wonderful.
9.  Alaska.  People always tell me how beautiful it is.  I must see this beauty they speak of.
10. Miami.  I want to hit it up with some of my ladies and party VIP style at night and shop all day.  I could only do this in my dreams because I am broke and not VIP.

Sep 14, 2010

Roses are Red...

14. Top 10 things you look for in a romantic partner

Well, this list better consist of 10 qualities that Alex has...or I am in trouble.  Let's keep this short and sweet.

(1) My romantic partner must think I hung the moon and (2) they must never get sick of me even when I am being an asshole.  (3) My partner has to be a "partner" and not a dictator.  (4) Said person has to have a sexy body, for sure, and (5) a nice face...for reproduction purposes.  (6) My ideal partner knows that love is a battlefield and that in that battle field I am Pat Benatar. (7) My ideal partner cooks good food for me every night and (8) cleans the litter box.  (9) This man/woman (let's be PC) will always think that I am the coolest funniest person they have ever met.  (10) Most important, this person has to want to be a better person....never settle with being mediocre.

Sep 13, 2010

Lucky Number 13

13. Top 10 things you look for in a friend

If I could build the perfect friend for Renee...hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  This might get me in some trouble with my ladies.  It is hard to list 10 qualities that I look for because it's really the all around "essence" of a person.

1.  I usually like a friend to be, show up when you invite them places and not ditch you at the last minute.
2.  They have to think  I am pretty. Just kidding.  They have to be pretty.  Pretty on the inside.
3.  They should like to have fun.  I don't want friends that never want to do anything fun.  I don't want to sit on the couch every time we hang out.  I will sit on the couch with you if you are super funny and cool.
4.  My ideal best friend would watch lot's of silly CW TV shows with me...Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill...and so on.
5.  I like people who have little to no drama in their life.
6.  I like to spend time with friends who know stuff.  I like people with intelligent things to say.
7.  I look for people who are content with their life.  No one is truely content and that would be pretty boring, but it is nice to be around people who are happy with the decisions they make.  After all, they are the ones who made them.
8.  I only keep friends who can pick up where you left off.  That is always important.  Sometimes life is so busy that you only have time for family.  It's great when you can not see each other for an extended amount of  time and it not be awkward.
9.  I like friends who don't let friends drive drunk.  I am not one of those people...but I should be.  If you read this, feel free to call me if you get drunk and need a ride.
10.  I love friends who can dish it out AND take it.

Sep 9, 2010


12. Five chores that you love, 5 chores that you hate.
(I skipped 11 because I don't know any Tumblr blogs)

Number 12 on my list is right up my alley.  I lived with my great-grandfather until I was 15 and he expected me, being a female, to do housework.  Since I dusted, vacuumed, mopped and laundered since I could walk, I think I have a good handle on my likes and dislikes on the home front.

Five Chores I love:
I wouldn't say "love" for any chores.  I don't mind doing the laundry.  I guess I like having clean clothes.  They smell good.  There is something very zen about folding clothes neatly.  I also don't mind making the bed, especially my bed husband only allows me to have a sheet.  Tragic, I know.  So it's easy to make the bed with one piece of cloth on it.  The 3rd thing I don't mind is organizing.  I am constantly picking a drawer, shelf, or miscellaneous area in my house to organize.  I prefer less clutter but can't stop making it, so every month or so I have to re-organize stuff.  I don't mind dusting.  The last thing is cleaning the litter box.  Alex always does it, so I only really have to do it as a nice gesture.

Five Chores I hate:
I hate running to the store to get one thing.  That's a chore.  I also hate cleaning off the back porch because it's too damn hot, but Alex usually does that.  I hate scrubbing the pots/pans/trays that are caked with food.  I hate cleaning the counter in the bathroom because I have WAY too many lotions and potions to shift around and wipe dust off.  I am definitely well preserved.  Last but not least, I hate vacuuming the stairs.  If I ever get another house, by god, it will be one story.  

Sep 7, 2010

Baby pics just because

Some pics of my baby...just because...she's so cute!

She's chillin' like a villain

At the park, living it up, wanting to be like the big kids

Schools out for Ever!

10. 10 random things that you remember from school

Number 10 of my 25 day list challenge...I am starting to get annoyed that all of these topics have the word "random" in them. Can't anything I write be purposeful and with order? Anyway.

  1.  That I don't know how to sew a pillow that looks like a pencil.
  2.  The lunch lady's name was Renee also, in elementary school, and everyday in line I would say, "Hi Renee" and she would say "Hi Renee"...everyday.
  3. My middle school was being rebuilt while I went there, so we attended "portable city". It was a group of portables next to the old builings...they were freezing cold, but the bathroom portables were really clean.
  4. I took automechanics class and I was the only girl. All the boys had to be super nice to me and they did all of my mechanical tests for me. The teacher would get mad at them for not being chivalrous to me.
  5. In college, in my "Marriage and the Family" class, we learned that living together before marriage is really bad because you live like you are committed, but without the commitment. That really stuck with me and I preach that to all of my co-habiting friends when they bitch to me about their relationships. Like I'm an expert or something.
  6. I remember going to the varsity football games when I was a freshman cheerleader and looking up at all of the kids in the stands and feeling REALLY nervous, like everyone was judging me. I hated walking by the stands.
  7. One day at lacrosse practice, one of the girls parents brought her a brand new white Mustang wrapped in a bow...and she got upset that it was white and not red. I remember thinking what a little spoiled bitch she was.
  8. I remember watching Bill Clinton get inaugurated in elementary school, and at the inauguration, Chelsea Clinton yawned, and we all laughed cause she was ugly and it looked funny. That's awful, I know.
  9. I took a astronomy class in college and it was an "introduction to" class.  My teacher knew people took it to get an "easy A" so he made his tests ridiculously hard with long mathematical equations and essay questions. I hated him. I got a C in that class, and I had been getting all A's and only a few B's so far. What a dick.
  10. In high school, I was walking with a kid in my class, past the soccer field, and he was like " that guy over there (on the soccer field) said he hooked up with you (meaning sex)". I didn't even know him. I went up to him at a party not long after that (he was a senior and I was at the party with my brother who was also a senior), and I said to the guy "Did you tell people we had sex?" and he was like "no" and I said "(so and so) told me you did", and he just brushed it off. What a dick. At the time, I didn't know why someone would do that and think they can get away with it. Although, it's not like I punished him or anything. I should have started a rumor that his penis was really small.

Me in Elementary School

Me in High School

Sep 2, 2010

Did I hear a Nine-er in there?

09. A random list (one can be found on or

I am having a blonde moment here...I don't get it?  I looked on these sites and they are lists already made.  So...I don't get it.  What am I to do here?  These lists are too smart for me.  Should I just copy and paste?  Should I comment on the list?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
OK.  I will comment on this food one, because I am hungry and I can talk about some food, that is on my level of knowledge.  Here is the link to the list Most Unhealthy Fast Foods found on


10. Burger King’s Triple Whopper with Cheese

burger king whopper 489x400
I prefer McDonald's double quarter pounder with makes me feel like I ate the whole cow, but it's soooooooo yummy.  Totally worth the regret.

9. Qdoba Mexican Grill’s Beef Taco Salad

qdoba mexican grill taco salad
Never been there.  I do however think mexican food is the best.  I like Tijuana Flats and I don't care for the salads...if I am going to eat mexican food, give me a MEGAJUANA burrito covered in queso.  Do it right.

8. Dairy Queen’s Six Piece Chicken Strip Basket

dairy queen chicken strips
Dairy Queen is gross, at least here in Florida they are.  Chicken strips are so deceiving because they are "chicken"  but who knows is they are REALLY chicken, or what part of the chicken...and not to mention that it's covered in breading and oil...just how momma likes.

7. Hardee’s Monster Thickburger

hardees monster thickburger
Hardee's is grosser than DQ.  The last Hardee's I went to had all these flies and old dead bugs in the screens where you look to place your order...inside, not the drive through.  Nuff said.

6. Domino’s Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese Breadbowl Pasta

dominos mac n cheese breadbowl pasta
What is this thing??????????????????????

5. Five Guys Burgers and Fries’ Large French Fries

five guys burgers and fries french fries
This is my NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love love love me some 5 guys.  It is the best burger...screw celebrities and their In and Out burgers.  What do those skinny celebrities know about burgers?

4. Ruby Tuesday’s Boston Blue Burger

ruby tuesdays boston blue burger
Blue cheese on burgers is great.  Not something I normally order, but I won't kick it out of bed.  

3. Carl’s Jr.’s Double Six Dollar Burger

carl jrs double six dollar
Never been there.  I think 5 guys is still better.

2. Nathan’s Famous Fish and Chips

nathans famous fish and chips
Fast food fish and chips is so bad for you.  I am not suprised it came in at number 2.  I love it though.  The fish was probably swimming in tons of it's own shit.  Yummy.

1. Quiznos Large Tuna Melt

quiznos large tuna melt
This looks healthy to me!

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