Roses are Red...

14. Top 10 things you look for in a romantic partner

Well, this list better consist of 10 qualities that Alex has...or I am in trouble.  Let's keep this short and sweet.

(1) My romantic partner must think I hung the moon and (2) they must never get sick of me even when I am being an asshole.  (3) My partner has to be a "partner" and not a dictator.  (4) Said person has to have a sexy body, for sure, and (5) a nice face...for reproduction purposes.  (6) My ideal partner knows that love is a battlefield and that in that battle field I am Pat Benatar. (7) My ideal partner cooks good food for me every night and (8) cleans the litter box.  (9) This man/woman (let's be PC) will always think that I am the coolest funniest person they have ever met.  (10) Most important, this person has to want to be a better person....never settle with being mediocre.


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