Lucky Number 13

13. Top 10 things you look for in a friend

If I could build the perfect friend for Renee...hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  This might get me in some trouble with my ladies.  It is hard to list 10 qualities that I look for because it's really the all around "essence" of a person.

1.  I usually like a friend to be, show up when you invite them places and not ditch you at the last minute.
2.  They have to think  I am pretty. Just kidding.  They have to be pretty.  Pretty on the inside.
3.  They should like to have fun.  I don't want friends that never want to do anything fun.  I don't want to sit on the couch every time we hang out.  I will sit on the couch with you if you are super funny and cool.
4.  My ideal best friend would watch lot's of silly CW TV shows with me...Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill...and so on.
5.  I like people who have little to no drama in their life.
6.  I like to spend time with friends who know stuff.  I like people with intelligent things to say.
7.  I look for people who are content with their life.  No one is truely content and that would be pretty boring, but it is nice to be around people who are happy with the decisions they make.  After all, they are the ones who made them.
8.  I only keep friends who can pick up where you left off.  That is always important.  Sometimes life is so busy that you only have time for family.  It's great when you can not see each other for an extended amount of  time and it not be awkward.
9.  I like friends who don't let friends drive drunk.  I am not one of those people...but I should be.  If you read this, feel free to call me if you get drunk and need a ride.
10.  I love friends who can dish it out AND take it.


  1. Now that I'm getting older and not going out as much, I like friends who are happy to just hang out and spend time together- some of my friends still go to the bars 3 or 4 times a week and they just aren't willing to give up a night of fun for a night of friends.

  2. All very important qualities. I completely agree with you. I think I also want somebody who doesn't ask for advice if they have NO intention of taking it...don't waste my time!

  3. Ya gotta be able to trust them too. You don't want all your secrets getting out! lol

    Hazel xxx


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