Schools out for Ever!

10. 10 random things that you remember from school

Number 10 of my 25 day list challenge...I am starting to get annoyed that all of these topics have the word "random" in them. Can't anything I write be purposeful and with order? Anyway.

  1.  That I don't know how to sew a pillow that looks like a pencil.
  2.  The lunch lady's name was Renee also, in elementary school, and everyday in line I would say, "Hi Renee" and she would say "Hi Renee"...everyday.
  3. My middle school was being rebuilt while I went there, so we attended "portable city". It was a group of portables next to the old builings...they were freezing cold, but the bathroom portables were really clean.
  4. I took automechanics class and I was the only girl. All the boys had to be super nice to me and they did all of my mechanical tests for me. The teacher would get mad at them for not being chivalrous to me.
  5. In college, in my "Marriage and the Family" class, we learned that living together before marriage is really bad because you live like you are committed, but without the commitment. That really stuck with me and I preach that to all of my co-habiting friends when they bitch to me about their relationships. Like I'm an expert or something.
  6. I remember going to the varsity football games when I was a freshman cheerleader and looking up at all of the kids in the stands and feeling REALLY nervous, like everyone was judging me. I hated walking by the stands.
  7. One day at lacrosse practice, one of the girls parents brought her a brand new white Mustang wrapped in a bow...and she got upset that it was white and not red. I remember thinking what a little spoiled bitch she was.
  8. I remember watching Bill Clinton get inaugurated in elementary school, and at the inauguration, Chelsea Clinton yawned, and we all laughed cause she was ugly and it looked funny. That's awful, I know.
  9. I took a astronomy class in college and it was an "introduction to" class.  My teacher knew people took it to get an "easy A" so he made his tests ridiculously hard with long mathematical equations and essay questions. I hated him. I got a C in that class, and I had been getting all A's and only a few B's so far. What a dick.
  10. In high school, I was walking with a kid in my class, past the soccer field, and he was like " that guy over there (on the soccer field) said he hooked up with you (meaning sex)". I didn't even know him. I went up to him at a party not long after that (he was a senior and I was at the party with my brother who was also a senior), and I said to the guy "Did you tell people we had sex?" and he was like "no" and I said "(so and so) told me you did", and he just brushed it off. What a dick. At the time, I didn't know why someone would do that and think they can get away with it. Although, it's not like I punished him or anything. I should have started a rumor that his penis was really small.

Me in Elementary School

Me in High School


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