12. Five chores that you love, 5 chores that you hate.
(I skipped 11 because I don't know any Tumblr blogs)

Number 12 on my list is right up my alley.  I lived with my great-grandfather until I was 15 and he expected me, being a female, to do housework.  Since I dusted, vacuumed, mopped and laundered since I could walk, I think I have a good handle on my likes and dislikes on the home front.

Five Chores I love:
I wouldn't say "love" for any chores.  I don't mind doing the laundry.  I guess I like having clean clothes.  They smell good.  There is something very zen about folding clothes neatly.  I also don't mind making the bed, especially my bed husband only allows me to have a sheet.  Tragic, I know.  So it's easy to make the bed with one piece of cloth on it.  The 3rd thing I don't mind is organizing.  I am constantly picking a drawer, shelf, or miscellaneous area in my house to organize.  I prefer less clutter but can't stop making it, so every month or so I have to re-organize stuff.  I don't mind dusting.  The last thing is cleaning the litter box.  Alex always does it, so I only really have to do it as a nice gesture.

Five Chores I hate:
I hate running to the store to get one thing.  That's a chore.  I also hate cleaning off the back porch because it's too damn hot, but Alex usually does that.  I hate scrubbing the pots/pans/trays that are caked with food.  I hate cleaning the counter in the bathroom because I have WAY too many lotions and potions to shift around and wipe dust off.  I am definitely well preserved.  Last but not least, I hate vacuuming the stairs.  If I ever get another house, by god, it will be one story.  


  1. hate hate hate scrubbing pots, and really hate scrubbing the tub, it hurts my knees.


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