Barbie Divorced????!!!

SSo I was sitting here watching TV with Googs (I know watching TV with babies is a no no) and this commercial comes on:
(club like music) Barbie and her friends are all excited they are in the Barbie dream townhouse/condo and they are like "PARTY ON THE FIRST FLOOR...ELEVATOR TO THE PARTY ON THE SECOND FLOOR...HOT TUBBIN' IN THE PENTHOUSE"...LMAO!
Did Barbie get a great divorce settlement or what???
You have to see this commercial.  It's hilarious.  I had the Barbie mansion as a didn't have a hot tub! Hot tubs are for single dolls looking to get laid.  Is that what we want to teach our daughters, to get a phat pad and party it up while your still young hot and blonde...HELL YEAH!  Go crazy party bitch.  Feminism at it's finest.


  1. Holy crap! That sexy shower scene just about did me in!! Hilarious :)

  2. Oh my goodness. Just her naked legs and then shadow as she gets in the shower. The girls over for drinks and hot tub action. Wow. I want to live there. Live it up Barbie. I thought I had heard not too long ago that Barbie and Ken "broke up"...clearly it's true.


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