Serena thinks Xmas is on December 16th!`

Serena has been seriously eying the xmas gifts under the tree.  She always goes over to them and tries to mess them up.  My wrapping looks like someone puked paper on the gifts, so it's not that hard to mess them up.  She grabbed her gift, dragged it into the dining room and opened it up and started playing with it.  I got in on video.  She did it all by herself!  She a a woman for sure.


  1. funny girl! i love how she shoved it along while crawling to get it into the other room.

  2. Well how tempting is that just sitting there!? She's a smart lady. :-)

    I love your, "You can't open that yet." But you just laugh as you watch it. So cute.

  3. Hope she had fun finally opening them all up on Christmas day! Our boy was so silent Christmas morning. In awe.


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