XMas Facts

getting Goo Goo's first tree!
Googs and I have been listening the TV Music choice Holiday station.  They always show facts about the songs and musicians on the screen and for the Holiday station they show random Christmas facts.  I am addicted to those!  Yesterday they said there is a country (I forgot which one) that the gift bringer is an eight legged horse.  Sweet.  I also saw that in another country (I forgot which one...can you tell I am detail oriented) one of the 3 wise men, the smallest one, is the gift giver.  Life without Santa?  How strange.  Alex said Googs is not going to believe in Santa...she will believe in the 8 legged horse.  I guess if you have an eight legged horse, you don't need a shit load of reindeer?  It must be more environmentally friendly...and less poop to clean up on the roof.  Wait...does the horse go through your chimney?  Does he eat milk and cookies?  Hmmmmm.


  1. Haha sounds similar to my boyfriend saying that instead of believing in God our kids will believe in Science :)

    Though an 8-legged horse sounds creepy!

    Hazel xxx

  2. I'm trying to picture an eight legged horse...and I don't like the way it appears in my twisted head. Too funny though.


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