Sep 10, 2012


My 2 year old got into the bag with all the Easter eggs and they still had jelly beans in them.  Since she is not allowed to eat jellybeans or anything with sugar, I started to panic and shove them in my mouth by the handful.  We were having a jelly bean eating race, And I was super concerned with having to deal with her after she ingested all of those jelly beans.  After eating 100 myself, I decided that a better idea would be to stop shoving them in my mouth, and put them in a bag in the cupboard.

Sep 4, 2012

Morality...Princess Style

I was thinking about all the princess books I read Serena and how the lessons can be pretty harsh...harsh but that, we tell our 2 year olds this shit.  Here is what I have learned and am teaching my daughter.

Cinderella: Clean your room, have many animal friends, be nice, and you will go to a party and meet a dude and he will find your shoe and marry you.

Ariel:  Get over your obsession with being someone you are not, or you will never talk again.  Just kidding, your daddy will fix it.

Brave:  Don't like the dudes your parents picked out?  Beat them up, put a spell on your mom and fight your dad with a sword.  Then you will end up alone and happy.

Tangled: Cut off your hair.

Belle: Read books and you will be smart, marry a hairy man...he is hot under that fur.

Tiana:  Save money your whole life and you will still need a miracle to make shit happen.

Snow White:  Are 7 little men better than 1big one?  Apparently.

Sleeping Beauty:  Touch something you are not supposed to and everyone will get a nice long nap.