Nov 30, 2011

Holiday tidbits

My new book idea...
Renee's guide to Baking Retarded Christmas Cookies
(I made some semi bell shaped sugar cookies with what looks like poop on them, but they tasted good)

Also, I successfully made some ornaments out of old CD's, construction paper and a bunch of scrapbooking leftovers I had at home.  I had to improvise with Jesus's name (REP-RE-SENT), since I ran out of all the letters that would spell anything that had to do with non-religious xmas stuff.

Nov 28, 2011

Serena is going to Heaven...

...well, she at least has a better chance.  We had Serena baptized yesterday.  It was all very exciting!  Serena did the exact opposite of most children, she screamed and squirmed and fought UNTIL the water and oil parts, and where most babies cry at those moments, she was like "WTF....I am NOT moving or saying a word right now".  Fear of god, ladies and gentleman.  I had joked with some people that this would be more like an exorcism than a baptism.  She was as good as a 20 month old could be.  We had a great dinner at one of our favorite spots that Tally doesn't have, Bahama Breeze.  Serena got some beautiful gifts and we PROMISE that we will light the candle on the anniversary of her baptism, to remind her to be nice, not naughty.  It was also a special day because she had it on the first day of advent. Keeping it simple here.  My brother took 100000000000 pictures, but here are just a few.
me, hubby, mommy, baby

the little sinner 

good girl

walking the plank

with the Germans (world's greatest godparents)


more misbehaving

looks like a loving embrace, but really an ultimatum

Nov 19, 2011


I have had some (a lot) of wine.  Since I am too broke to buy booze anymore, I am back to being a lightweight.  It's like the first time I had alcohol after I had Serena.  Anyway, I did a book swap today at the recycling event and I brought some awesome books, in exchange for these not so awesome books.  I got this book, Country Woman Christmas Volume 1 (like there needs to be more of them...hahahahaha) and it's circa...mmmmmm.....maybe 1979?  My guess is '79 since my mom had hair like this this my mom!?!?!?!  Wait, that's NOT my daddy!  AHHHHH!  I am drunk. Anyway, I am way too entertained by this book and this picture right here is what Alex and I will look like for Christmas this year.  Why can I not find a good blog post on "His and Hers Vests add Vivid style to Season?".  Why?  Because this book has the monopoly.  They did it, and they know they own it.  

Nov 18, 2011

DIY Thanksgiving Crafts

I've got the mommy crafting fever.  Damn google image search.  Is this what my life has come to?  Gone are the days of sex, drugs and rock n' roll.  Now it's crafts, toddlers and occasional sex. Here are some pics of some crafts I did this week, which I must say, I am proud that I spent $0.  That's right, I had all this crap, I mean gold, lying around my house.
Heather's house for turkey hats

Serena, looking cute in our creation (tutorial is somewhere online)

Best friends, keeping each other company while mommies craft

Day 2 of crafting, my place, snack time

Leftovers from Day 1 and a huge stash of TP rolls I was saving for...well, this I guess

Indian and pilgrim people, glue, tape, TP rolls, construction paper, marker and a pic from google image search

I couldn't stop, so I made garland with paper and some brown polka dot ribbon I have had

My thanksgiving mantle!

Mantle up close

mantle artsy

Nov 12, 2011

the Artist's Way Week 1

My first week is done.  This is my weekly check-in, a must do for the process.
How many days this week did I do my morning pages?
Well, I actually did "mid-afternoon" pages, since Serena naps then and I am too lazy to get up early and do them.  Not a good start for my creative process.  I think I did it 5 days, and 2 of those nap times, I wrote exercises, so that counts for 7 right?

Did you do your artist date?
Nope.  Date myself?  Aren't I already narcissistic enough?  Actually, all kidding aside, I meant to.  I guess I could still do it tonight, but I know I won't.  I WANT to have a date with myself.  That is the part of this process I was most excited about.  An excuse to spend time by myself, on myself.  Ugh.  Next week I'll get em'.  
Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant in your recovery?
Well, the one exercise was to time travel to 3 of my creative enemies of the past.  After much consideration, I decided that my 3 enemies were me, myself and I.  I am sure that's not original.  I really can't blame anyone for my creative faults except myself.  No one really told me I sucked, I told myself.  I need to get over my fear of rejection, but to do that I am supposed to lay blame and solve it...but I even suck at that.
Also, another exercise was to list 5 other lives and what I would do in them.
I picked Rockstar (which I would become famous),  pro-golfer (which I would become famous and drink all day), world renowned chef (which I would become famous and eat and drink all day), filmmaker (this one I wouldn't be famous until I died) and pirate (which I would be the hottest pirate and be famous and have a pet parrot).  All of these awesome lives were reflections of me and my creativity.   I actually wrote much more down, I am just giving you the synopsis.   Wow.  I am pretty good at  This journey really seems to be opening me up in great ways (insert sarcasm here).

Nov 4, 2011

New Journeys

I am excited to announce that I am not only embarking on my catholic journey, which has been underway for a few months now, but I am also going down the path of creative enlightenment.  My best friend has purchased  the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron for me, for my birthday.  

I am ready to get the juices pouring, gushing and drowning my brain with ideas.  It's a 12 week process.  Let's see if we can stick to it and most importantly, if it WORKS.  

I had the idea yesterday, speaking with my friend Renee, about how I can't wait for "pirates to be the new vampires".  So, with my lack of knowledge in fictional writing, I am going to try to write a "twilighty" book about current day pirates.  

It may not ever happen.  It's just and idea.  Maybe this 12 week process will help.  I am going to post updates on here, so get ready for some boring posts.  You may want to stay away for the next 12 weeks. I am hoping that I can maybe not half-ass this, like I do most things in my life.  There's that quote about doing many things ok, but nothing really good, something like that.  That's me.  I am trying though, and that's what counts.