the Artist's Way Week 1

My first week is done.  This is my weekly check-in, a must do for the process.
How many days this week did I do my morning pages?
Well, I actually did "mid-afternoon" pages, since Serena naps then and I am too lazy to get up early and do them.  Not a good start for my creative process.  I think I did it 5 days, and 2 of those nap times, I wrote exercises, so that counts for 7 right?

Did you do your artist date?
Nope.  Date myself?  Aren't I already narcissistic enough?  Actually, all kidding aside, I meant to.  I guess I could still do it tonight, but I know I won't.  I WANT to have a date with myself.  That is the part of this process I was most excited about.  An excuse to spend time by myself, on myself.  Ugh.  Next week I'll get em'.  
Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant in your recovery?
Well, the one exercise was to time travel to 3 of my creative enemies of the past.  After much consideration, I decided that my 3 enemies were me, myself and I.  I am sure that's not original.  I really can't blame anyone for my creative faults except myself.  No one really told me I sucked, I told myself.  I need to get over my fear of rejection, but to do that I am supposed to lay blame and solve it...but I even suck at that.
Also, another exercise was to list 5 other lives and what I would do in them.
I picked Rockstar (which I would become famous),  pro-golfer (which I would become famous and drink all day), world renowned chef (which I would become famous and eat and drink all day), filmmaker (this one I wouldn't be famous until I died) and pirate (which I would be the hottest pirate and be famous and have a pet parrot).  All of these awesome lives were reflections of me and my creativity.   I actually wrote much more down, I am just giving you the synopsis.   Wow.  I am pretty good at  This journey really seems to be opening me up in great ways (insert sarcasm here).


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