I have had some (a lot) of wine.  Since I am too broke to buy booze anymore, I am back to being a lightweight.  It's like the first time I had alcohol after I had Serena.  Anyway, I did a book swap today at the recycling event and I brought some awesome books, in exchange for these not so awesome books.  I got this book, Country Woman Christmas Volume 1 (like there needs to be more of them...hahahahaha) and it's circa...mmmmmm.....maybe 1979?  My guess is '79 since my mom had hair like this then...wait...is this my mom!?!?!?!  Wait, that's NOT my daddy!  AHHHHH!  I am drunk. Anyway, I am way too entertained by this book and this picture right here is what Alex and I will look like for Christmas this year.  Why can I not find a good blog post on "His and Hers Vests add Vivid style to Season?".  Why?  Because this book has the monopoly.  They did it, and they know they own it.  


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