DIY Thanksgiving Crafts

I've got the mommy crafting fever.  Damn google image search.  Is this what my life has come to?  Gone are the days of sex, drugs and rock n' roll.  Now it's crafts, toddlers and occasional sex. Here are some pics of some crafts I did this week, which I must say, I am proud that I spent $0.  That's right, I had all this crap, I mean gold, lying around my house.
Heather's house for turkey hats

Serena, looking cute in our creation (tutorial is somewhere online)

Best friends, keeping each other company while mommies craft

Day 2 of crafting, my place, snack time

Leftovers from Day 1 and a huge stash of TP rolls I was saving for...well, this I guess

Indian and pilgrim people, glue, tape, TP rolls, construction paper, marker and a pic from google image search

I couldn't stop, so I made garland with paper and some brown polka dot ribbon I have had

My thanksgiving mantle!

Mantle up close

mantle artsy


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