Serena is going to Heaven...

...well, she at least has a better chance.  We had Serena baptized yesterday.  It was all very exciting!  Serena did the exact opposite of most children, she screamed and squirmed and fought UNTIL the water and oil parts, and where most babies cry at those moments, she was like "WTF....I am NOT moving or saying a word right now".  Fear of god, ladies and gentleman.  I had joked with some people that this would be more like an exorcism than a baptism.  She was as good as a 20 month old could be.  We had a great dinner at one of our favorite spots that Tally doesn't have, Bahama Breeze.  Serena got some beautiful gifts and we PROMISE that we will light the candle on the anniversary of her baptism, to remind her to be nice, not naughty.  It was also a special day because she had it on the first day of advent. Keeping it simple here.  My brother took 100000000000 pictures, but here are just a few.
me, hubby, mommy, baby

the little sinner 

good girl

walking the plank

with the Germans (world's greatest godparents)


more misbehaving

looks like a loving embrace, but really an ultimatum


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