Aug 29, 2011


Serena is so funny.  She was cracking me up today.  I called my mother-in-law, just to tell her how funny her granddaughter was.  I mean, she was funny to me and you probably had to be there.
just a cute pic of Googs
She had taken my keys to play with yesterday or the day before.  I let her.  This morning I could not find my keys (big surprise...why is there an "r" in surprise...that looks wrong).  I tried to make a fun game out of searching for the keys.  Now, my keys are big, Alex always complains about the amount of shit I have on my keychain.  So we were crawling around and looking under furniture for lengthy amounts of time and opening drawers and so on.  I kept asking Serena "where are my keys?" and she would hold her arms up with disbelief and say "KEYS!".  Then she would lean down and look under the piece of furniture and I would be right in her face and she was just looking at me like, "what are we doing here?"   She is so silly.  Alex found them finally in a diaper bag in the closet that we only use on vacations.  Does someone need a vacation?  Is someone trying to tell Mommy something?  I think so.

Aug 28, 2011


I used to be obsessed with entering giveaways through blogs and you always had to follow the blog.  Needless to say, I ended up with about 200 shitty blogs that I followed and their shitty posts that show up in my reader...clouding the good/great blogs that I actually enjoy reading. I JUST managed the blogs I follow.  I can now actually read the blogs I actually "follow".  I have been meaning to do this, but thanks again to no cable and my dearest husband's newly found lust for our video game stash (at least it's not porn)...I got it done!  Now I can read stuff I am interested in.  I feel so clean and fresh.

Aug 27, 2011

Here's your sign

Alex, Serena and I went to the park this morning.  We were walking over to the lake/bridge area from the parking lot, past the playground.  These 3 chicks that are about my age, looking like they were gonna work out (and they did) are walking behind us.  Here's what they say:
"Man, so much for us having the playground to ourselves" (with annoyance)
then "Yeah, it's like daycare day out here" (lot's of sarcasm)
then "well, maybe they'll leave soon" (this is at like 10:30am on a gorgeous saturday)
then "I doubt it, kids can last a LONG time".

My problem with this conversation.
#1  It's a F&*#^T# park PEOPLE!  A PLAYGROUND for KIDS!
#2  It's a saturday.  The OPPOSITE of daycare day.  That is why they are at the park, and not daycare.
#3  WTF do they want with a playground?

Here's your sign ladies.  Enough working may make you skinnier, but it ain't makin' you smarter.

Aug 26, 2011

Today's Thoughts

Flipping through my basic crappy cable stations, I have noticed that half of them (the ones that are not PBS) are for buying things, like QVC and HSN.  If I don't have money to pay for cable, how do I have money to buy a $300 bracelet?  Even if it is in easy $50 installments.  Home shopping.  This is a serious problem.
Maybe people would be a lot happier and friendlier if we all kept up the positive reinforcement for doing the little things, like we do for our children.  For instance, your co-worker takes a crap.  When they come back, you say "Good job!  You went potty!  I am so proud of you!".  Or, your spouse holds up a shirt, and you are like "that's right! SH-I-RRR-Ta!"  That is a shirt!".  Always encouraging for the little stuff, from birth to death.  Keeping it up.

Aug 23, 2011

Two Steps forward, two steps back

In the words of Paula Abdul, or whoever used to write Paula Abdul's songs, I have taken two steps forward and two steps back.  Where does that put me? Right in the same spot, as I would like to think.

Step 1 forward:  My mom shelac-ed my toe/finger nails.  It is amazing.  It's like super polish that doesn't come off.  You paint it on and zap the shit with a super cool laser beam.

Step forward 2:  My mom bought me a new strapless bra.  My old ones were falling off and made me look like this (sorry Drew).  It's a much needed lift, pun intended.

Step back 1:  I took back my DVR and switched to basic cable.  I now get PBS, PBS and one more I forgot....oh, PBS.

Step back 2:  I ate a crap load of spaghetti and I feel like...a load of crap.

*** I 'd like to thank my mom for my forward steps, and thank being poor and not able to control my eating for my steps back.

Aug 12, 2011

Aug 9, 2011

Complete waste of time

Damn Shannon for introducing me to Pinterest.  She obviously knew that it would suck me in.  Why is she sabotaging my family?  I love it.  It's my new favorite toy.  Whatever you do...don't join it!  It is fun though.  Let me know if you join, I want to follow you.  Such a follower.

Just call me Spiderman
People are always telling me that Tallahassee is so small.  I am starting to catch on.  I like to think Tallahassee is like a web, a super spiderman web (can you tell I was around little boys at today's playdate). All these bugs and shit keep getting stuck in the web and it's so full and all the bugs know the bug next to them, who buzzed around with the bug a couple of inches away and they all are connected...basically because they are stuck.  I feel like it's a good stuck though, I mean, these bugs are making some good connections for the future.  Most of these bugs are very productive and fun bugs.  Who is spiderman in this scenario?  I don't know.  I can be spiderman.  Since moving here I have spun a pretty cool web of buggies. I've got friend bugs, mommy friend bugs, neighbor bugs, community service bugs...this is getting retarded. Anyway, my point was to write a blog post today and I was trying to be creative and this is what came out.
  I am a mess.
I'm gonna go do my laundry now.