I used to be obsessed with entering giveaways through blogs and you always had to follow the blog.  Needless to say, I ended up with about 200 shitty blogs that I followed and their shitty posts that show up in my reader...clouding the good/great blogs that I actually enjoy reading. I JUST managed the blogs I follow.  I can now actually read the blogs I actually "follow".  I have been meaning to do this, but thanks again to no cable and my dearest husband's newly found lust for our video game stash (at least it's not porn)...I got it done!  Now I can read stuff I am interested in.  I feel so clean and fresh.


  1. i went through a phase where i was trying to sign up with all these blog hops, popularity seeking things & i ended up following a whole bunch that i cared nothing about. i've unfollowed all of them since. it's nice when the only ones in your reader are the ones you actually enjoy.
    speaking of unfollowing, i lost someone today. maybe it was you. sorry if i bore you!


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