Today's Thoughts

Flipping through my basic crappy cable stations, I have noticed that half of them (the ones that are not PBS) are for buying things, like QVC and HSN.  If I don't have money to pay for cable, how do I have money to buy a $300 bracelet?  Even if it is in easy $50 installments.  Home shopping.  This is a serious problem.
Maybe people would be a lot happier and friendlier if we all kept up the positive reinforcement for doing the little things, like we do for our children.  For instance, your co-worker takes a crap.  When they come back, you say "Good job!  You went potty!  I am so proud of you!".  Or, your spouse holds up a shirt, and you are like "that's right! SH-I-RRR-Ta!"  That is a shirt!".  Always encouraging for the little stuff, from birth to death.  Keeping it up.


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