Here's your sign

Alex, Serena and I went to the park this morning.  We were walking over to the lake/bridge area from the parking lot, past the playground.  These 3 chicks that are about my age, looking like they were gonna work out (and they did) are walking behind us.  Here's what they say:
"Man, so much for us having the playground to ourselves" (with annoyance)
then "Yeah, it's like daycare day out here" (lot's of sarcasm)
then "well, maybe they'll leave soon" (this is at like 10:30am on a gorgeous saturday)
then "I doubt it, kids can last a LONG time".

My problem with this conversation.
#1  It's a F&*#^T# park PEOPLE!  A PLAYGROUND for KIDS!
#2  It's a saturday.  The OPPOSITE of daycare day.  That is why they are at the park, and not daycare.
#3  WTF do they want with a playground?

Here's your sign ladies.  Enough working may make you skinnier, but it ain't makin' you smarter.


  1. They must be low-carbing. Not enough carbs mrans starving your brain.

    But, seriously, who expects CHILDREN at a playground on a sunny Saturday morning? Geez, Renee. Don't you parents have any consideration for the rest of us?


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