Just call me Spiderman

People are always telling me that Tallahassee is so small.  I am starting to catch on.  I like to think Tallahassee is like a web, a super spiderman web (can you tell I was around little boys at today's playdate). All these bugs and shit keep getting stuck in the web and it's so full and all the bugs know the bug next to them, who buzzed around with the bug a couple of inches away and they all are connected...basically because they are stuck.  I feel like it's a good stuck though, I mean, these bugs are making some good connections for the future.  Most of these bugs are very productive and fun bugs.  Who is spiderman in this scenario?  I don't know.  I can be spiderman.  Since moving here I have spun a pretty cool web of buggies. I've got friend bugs, mommy friend bugs, neighbor bugs, community service bugs...this is getting retarded. Anyway, my point was to write a blog post today and I was trying to be creative and this is what came out.
  I am a mess.
I'm gonna go do my laundry now.


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