Two Steps forward, two steps back

In the words of Paula Abdul, or whoever used to write Paula Abdul's songs, I have taken two steps forward and two steps back.  Where does that put me? Right in the same spot, as I would like to think.

Step 1 forward:  My mom shelac-ed my toe/finger nails.  It is amazing.  It's like super polish that doesn't come off.  You paint it on and zap the shit with a super cool laser beam.

Step forward 2:  My mom bought me a new strapless bra.  My old ones were falling off and made me look like this (sorry Drew).  It's a much needed lift, pun intended.

Step back 1:  I took back my DVR and switched to basic cable.  I now get PBS, PBS and one more I forgot....oh, PBS.

Step back 2:  I ate a crap load of spaghetti and I feel like...a load of crap.

*** I 'd like to thank my mom for my forward steps, and thank being poor and not able to control my eating for my steps back.


  1. I have basic cable ($12 a month) and we get a lot of channels. Are you ure they hooked you up right?


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