Serena is so funny.  She was cracking me up today.  I called my mother-in-law, just to tell her how funny her granddaughter was.  I mean, she was funny to me and you probably had to be there.
just a cute pic of Googs
She had taken my keys to play with yesterday or the day before.  I let her.  This morning I could not find my keys (big surprise...why is there an "r" in surprise...that looks wrong).  I tried to make a fun game out of searching for the keys.  Now, my keys are big, Alex always complains about the amount of shit I have on my keychain.  So we were crawling around and looking under furniture for lengthy amounts of time and opening drawers and so on.  I kept asking Serena "where are my keys?" and she would hold her arms up with disbelief and say "KEYS!".  Then she would lean down and look under the piece of furniture and I would be right in her face and she was just looking at me like, "what are we doing here?"   She is so silly.  Alex found them finally in a diaper bag in the closet that we only use on vacations.  Does someone need a vacation?  Is someone trying to tell Mommy something?  I think so.


  1. Your mil thought it was sooo funny. Thank you for calling her and relating the incident as it is happening. Your description was awesome and I could just see her in your face and looking around with her hands up saying, "keys?!" I later told the whole scenario to Sam and Berin and we all had a wonderful laugh looking so forward to your visit!!!!

  2. Well i'm glad you found your keys and i fully support choosing to interpret where they were as a sign that you should take a vacay ;-)


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