Oct 29, 2011

Little Bo Peep Revised

Last night I had my writing group meeting, we had a great group of writers and our prompt was to rewrite a fairytale, basically.  So here was mine.  I am pretty proud of myself for banging this out.
I am posting the original first, since most of us and probably you too, have not heard the full horrific original story.

Prompt:  Use a nursery rhyme character, and rewrite the story with that character’s point of view.
Little Bo Peep story
Little Bo peep has lost her sheep
And doesn't know where to find them.
Leave them alone and they'll come home,
Bringing their tails behind them.
Little Bo peep fell fast asleep
And dreamt she heard them bleating,
But when she awoke, she found it a joke,
For they were all still fleeting.
Then up she took her little crook
Determined for to find them.
She found them indeed, but it made her heart bleed,
For they left their tails behind them.
It happened one day, as Bo peep did stray
Into a meadow hard by,
There she espied their tails side by side
All hung on a tree to dry.
She heaved a sigh, and wiped her eye,
And over the hillocks went rambling,
And tried what she could,
As a shepherdess should,
To tack again each to its lambkin.

My version:

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep hated sheep,
she really couldn’t stand them,
their fur was rough and tough and smelly
their legs too skinny and weak,
and at night when Peep couldn’t sleep
she wouldn’t dare count sheep.
Little Bo Peep despised her sheep,
she treated them quite unfairly,
while other animals slept in the barn
THEY slept out on the fairway.
Oh you’re good for nothing,
where has all this hatred come from?
Surely it runs too deep.
Little Bo Peep don’t judge your sheep
as you may be judged likewise,
sheep may have dirt but they never will hurt
their shepherdess they NEVER despise.
Little Bo Peep forgive your sheep
they only want your kindness,
treat them as you would your own
and their company may be fondest.


Serena and Ella Fun


Oct 24, 2011

The Great Hair Clip Charlie Brown

Santa, I mean, my mommy is in town.  I mentioned that we had a shortage of hair clips, so a glue gun, 2 key rings, some crafty shit and 2 hours later.....BAM...8,000 hair clips.  Never again will Serena have hair in her face.


Oct 10, 2011

Jessica Simpson Hair

A couple of years ago, I went to the big hair show in Orlando with my mom, she's a hairdresser/beautician/whatever you call it now.  The big thing that year was the Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson Hair extensions.  Of course we had to have some.  Since I am hair retarded, my mom always had to put them in for me.  I seriously sucked at it.  That fad went by the wayside.  I have had 4 expensive hair  extensions shoved in my jewelry box for the last few years.  Today though, I got a bug up my ass, and I decided to try to put one in.  I went for the short straight look (opposed to the long straight, short curly and curly long).  To my delight, I did it!  It may not be perfect, but I think it will pass.  I have a junior league meeting tonight, so let's see if they all think I am an ass for wearing fake hair, or if they just think I look hot.

a couple of weeks ago, au natural

my short straight do

the back of it

Momma didn't raise no fool.  She would be proud.


Oct 9, 2011

My Saturday in Pics

Keep em' movin' sista

0 for 2, she popped one and let the other go

how can you not love this face?  "A BUNNY!"

yes, random star wars geeks

Serena assisting Jennifer at the asian festival

she could really gyrate, it was quite inappropriate music too

our neighbor and Serena dancing to the drum beat
I would also like to note that the asian festival had a awful amount of non-asians dressed as asians or doing asian activities.  I guess that's a Tallahassee asian festival for you. hmmmmmmm.


Oct 7, 2011

Slutty Costume...check

As you may or may not know,  I am a member of a playdate group.  A bunch of moms and their babies/toddlers/kids meet at a house/park/event and kill time.  I love all the moms.  Some are so different than me, personality or lifestyle, but that makes conversations so interesting.  I love how diverse we all are.  Most though, are pretty conservative.  Not that that's bad.  Maybe they aren't at all, maybe they are closet freaks and just don't want the other moms to know.  Anyway, I was joking with a couple of friends outside of the group, about slutty costumes.  My one conservative friend I went costume shopping with, was visibly perturbed by the sluttiness of the costumes.  I have no room to talk, I love the slutty ones, especially when I was pregnant and vowed to be the sluttiest halloween vixen ever, once the baby was out.  So, we have a halloween party for the kids planned.  It's on a weekday in the middle of the day, just moms and kids, hanging out eating candy and being silly.  I was joking that it would be awesome if I showed up is a super slutty costume.  How great would that be, me walking in with all these moms dressed in their sweats and babies in cute costumes, and here I am....all slutted up.  Like "hey guys, what's up".  Hey, I think it's funny.  Check out this costume.

Is it a winner or what?


Oct 3, 2011

In the words of Jay Z...

Tallahassee friends at Fermentation Lounge
...on to the next one, on to the next one...

Here are just a few of my awesome new friends that I have made in my new town.  I am coming closer and closer to NOT missing home (Orlando) at all.  With the exception of a few friends, I feel like people back home have given up on me.  Moving on.  I get a little pissed about it, but then I remember all of my new, even more awesome friends and I say "F it".  I shouldn't get upset about people moving on.  I moved on.  I try to keep in touch, and this last time I went down for my 30th birthday, only a few friends showed up, whom I love a lot, but I was surprised that more people didn't come.  I am glad that I had a week-late birthday night out in my new town, because I was reminded how much I have grown to love Tallahassee.  I thought I would never adapt, but alas, I have.  I have arrived.  I am a Tallahassee lassie.