Oct 3, 2011

In the words of Jay Z...

Tallahassee friends at Fermentation Lounge
...on to the next one, on to the next one...

Here are just a few of my awesome new friends that I have made in my new town.  I am coming closer and closer to NOT missing home (Orlando) at all.  With the exception of a few friends, I feel like people back home have given up on me.  Moving on.  I get a little pissed about it, but then I remember all of my new, even more awesome friends and I say "F it".  I shouldn't get upset about people moving on.  I moved on.  I try to keep in touch, and this last time I went down for my 30th birthday, only a few friends showed up, whom I love a lot, but I was surprised that more people didn't come.  I am glad that I had a week-late birthday night out in my new town, because I was reminded how much I have grown to love Tallahassee.  I thought I would never adapt, but alas, I have.  I have arrived.  I am a Tallahassee lassie.

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