Slutty Costume...check

As you may or may not know,  I am a member of a playdate group.  A bunch of moms and their babies/toddlers/kids meet at a house/park/event and kill time.  I love all the moms.  Some are so different than me, personality or lifestyle, but that makes conversations so interesting.  I love how diverse we all are.  Most though, are pretty conservative.  Not that that's bad.  Maybe they aren't at all, maybe they are closet freaks and just don't want the other moms to know.  Anyway, I was joking with a couple of friends outside of the group, about slutty costumes.  My one conservative friend I went costume shopping with, was visibly perturbed by the sluttiness of the costumes.  I have no room to talk, I love the slutty ones, especially when I was pregnant and vowed to be the sluttiest halloween vixen ever, once the baby was out.  So, we have a halloween party for the kids planned.  It's on a weekday in the middle of the day, just moms and kids, hanging out eating candy and being silly.  I was joking that it would be awesome if I showed up is a super slutty costume.  How great would that be, me walking in with all these moms dressed in their sweats and babies in cute costumes, and here I am....all slutted up.  Like "hey guys, what's up".  Hey, I think it's funny.  Check out this costume.

Is it a winner or what?



  1. you definitely might win the award for most talked about mom of that group for quite a while afterwards. someone would have to have an affair with the pastor or something to top it.


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