Jessica Simpson Hair

A couple of years ago, I went to the big hair show in Orlando with my mom, she's a hairdresser/beautician/whatever you call it now.  The big thing that year was the Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson Hair extensions.  Of course we had to have some.  Since I am hair retarded, my mom always had to put them in for me.  I seriously sucked at it.  That fad went by the wayside.  I have had 4 expensive hair  extensions shoved in my jewelry box for the last few years.  Today though, I got a bug up my ass, and I decided to try to put one in.  I went for the short straight look (opposed to the long straight, short curly and curly long).  To my delight, I did it!  It may not be perfect, but I think it will pass.  I have a junior league meeting tonight, so let's see if they all think I am an ass for wearing fake hair, or if they just think I look hot.

a couple of weeks ago, au natural

my short straight do

the back of it

Momma didn't raise no fool.  She would be proud.



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