19. 10 things that you could not live without

10 things I could not live without.

Do I have to list the obvious?  Water, oxygen, food, underwear, toothbrush, shelter.  I will leave those out of my list because that would be a lame list.

1.  A car.  Whenever my car has been "out of order" I always feel like I am going to die.  It makes me feel helpless to not be able to go anywhere on my own.
2.  Air conditioning.  Our A/C was out for like 24 hours last month...and I almost died.  It was horrific.  I live in Florida for god's sake!
3.  People.  I could not be stranded on an island alone.  I would not be content with painting a volleyball with my blood and calling it my friend.  Not gonna happen.  I need interaction.
4.  TV.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but I love the boob tube/idiot box.  Watching TV makes me happy.
5.  A hairdryer.  For real.  I could not imagine going to a wedding/nightclub/any event that I am supposed to look good for, and not have my hair blown dry.  It makes a huge difference.  It is good in the winter too, so I don't get a cold (that's what my grandpa always said...wet head = sick)
6.  Education.  How would I survive if I didn't know how to read, write, do math etc.  Education is highly underrated.  We would just be animals eating each other.
7.  Faith.  Faith that there is more to life than just being put in the ground and forgotten.  I would like to believe that one day I will see my grandpa's again.
8.  Tampons.  Pads suck!  I used enough pads after pregnancy and they are NOT cool.  Not cool.
9.  A camera.  I love pictures and looking back at good times.
10. Money.  I need money.  I have just enough to pay the bills right now.  If I had any less I would not survive.  I wish I had excessive amounts...but a little will do for now.


  1. Lol I couldn't live without most of these things either!

    Hazel xxx

  2. Renee....You ROCK! I saw you signed up on two of the blogs! If you want to be featured on the new blog list as well, come back and tell me please, as I would be happy to promote your blog on mine!

    Cheers Tracy @ It's an Average Life


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