It's a Wonderful Life

My week in Pics!
Birthday sisters (we share the same bday) at da club

Kendall is so VIP.

My girls Kendall and Andrea at my bday bash
I decided to put roller blade pads on and play tackle football with Andrea.  Booze.
Always a staple at my house, Apple Pie Shots. Just pour apple juice, vodka, whip cream and cinnamon in friends mouth and swish and VOILA!

Tuesday...Serena finally met Suesan (one of my childhood friends daughter who lives in Philly).  Damn we are old!
Besties for life, just like their mommas.

Pic I took last night at Dinner at Texas de new fav pic of hubby and S!
My cousin Dutch at dinner.  Everything is spooky in the jungle with

What a great week!  I love birthday weeks.  Having a baby makes it so much better. xoxoxoxoxo


  1. That looks like a great time and a great week. I'm actually kind of glad to see another mom who likes to party it up.
    It's funny, last weekend my friend (she's a single mom) and I went into NYC for dinner and to a club for some shakin' it. We had to laugh because we still look like we're in our 20's on the outside, but we FEEL every bit 30 something on the inside. ha ha
    Thanks so much for picking up my button. Have a great weekend!
    P.S. How could I not check you out with a blog title like this? Love that.


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