18. Ten most important people in your life

1-10....me me me me me me me me me me....J/K.  This weekend is my birthday weekend...WOOT WOOT...HOLLA, so I am very important.  Here is my Top 10 most important peeps.

1.  Serena....my baby girl!
2.  Alex...my fine husband.
3.  My momma.  She's badass.
4.  My brother, that honky ass.
5.  Tied for fifth are both my grandmas.  Hot bitches.
6.  The Dansbergers.  My uncle Ted and Aunt Jen and my lil' cousin Dutch.  
7,8,9.  Chrissy, Andrea and Christy. My besties.
10. God.  I had to throw him in there.  He's pretty good to me.

If you were not on this list, I swear you were #11.

HAPPY F'ing BDAY TO ME. 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy 29th! Get someone else to drive you home!!! ;)

  2. Hot bitches Grandmas! Awesome! My grandma loved it when I called her a rock star on my blog.


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