20. 10 favorite websites

My 10 tippity top sites.   A peak into my computer :)  STALKER!!!

1.  Blogger!  Love to blog and I am addicted to finding new cool blogs to enrich myself and snoop
2.  Facebook  I love myself and think everyone else wants to know what I am doing and thinking
3.  Baby Center updates and info on S's growth...great for proving a point in a parental feud
4.  NPR  LOVE NPR and knowledge and news and all that jazz
5.  Mint it idiot proofs your budget and spending, for math idiots like me
6.  Photobucket and Shutterfly  photo sites to share and edit pics of my awesome life
7.  Playlist and slacker playlist to create playlists of music and slacker to listen to good tunes
8.  wikipedia to prove someone wrong in an argument
9.  twitter just got back into it.  It's great for contests and stuff.
10. lulus and forever21  fashion at it's cheapest...which is all I can afford.


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