Name that Tune

Number 16 on my 25 day list challenge.

Put your  music player on shuffle, list the first ten songs that come up.

Simple enough.

1.  California English by Vampire Weekend
2. War Gamer (comedy) by Dane Cook
3. Kiss my Disease by Virgo's Merlot
4. Hot n Cold by Katy Perry
5. Losing Keys by Jack Johnson
6. Lite a Flame by Laura Nyro
7. Ooh Ooh Baby by Britney Spears
8. Lingering Still by She & Him
9. All Good Things by The Weepies
10. The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News

I tried to make a playlist of these songs on but half of them weren't on there.  Hmph.


  1. You inspired me to share the first 10 from my shuffle on itunes. I know you didn't ask for it...but here it is! :-)

    1. Ache by James Carrington (Beautiful song...if you haven't heard it you should)
    2. Fear by Sarah McLachlan
    3. Topless by Breaking Benjamin
    4. Little Thing (live) by Dave Matthews Band
    5. Wait by Mat Kearney
    6. Something Beautiful by NeedtoBreathe (another great song. very inspiring)
    7. Video Game Strip Club by Dane Cook (haha)
    8. Warrior by Disturbed
    9. When It Rains by Paramore
    10. Change is Gonna Come by Gavin Degraw

  2. Thanks Jewels!!! I am totally going to check out your playlist...I love that you had Dane Cook on there


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