Where's the Music?

I feel like a poser.  My blog is supposed to have 3 components; motherhood, music and beer.  I have plenty of motherhood up in this mug.  A lot of the time I am downing a beer while posting.  Where is the music?  I have a wall of sad, dusty guitars waiting to be played.  My keyboard is M.I.A.  My protools program crapped out almost two years ago.  I bought a new blank music notebook that I have written one chord in...in the last year.  To give myself a little slack, sometimes I write lyrics, but they never get put to chords.  Most days I find myself watching music videos, vocal talent shows, or listening to new music on itunes...and I think "I can do that shit".  I am such a poser though.  When I started this blog I thought it would force me to make music, then I could share it with all of you.  When Googs goes down for her nap, I always plan to make some music.  I never do.  Can I have a June-years resolution?  I resolve to write a song...sometime....soon....maybe....when I have the time....oh what the F$#@....I am a poser.  You heard it here.  I am suckety suck suck.  Where is all the inspiration and drive I had a couple of years ago?  Gone.  Gone with the wind.  Poor Renee.  Pity party time.  Pity me people.  PITY ME!  I am making a vow, not of silence (that has gone on long enough), but I vow that I WILL compose a song, however shitty it may be, by the end of July.  You think I won't do it?  We'll see.  YOU'LL see.   

One more thing:
I love the group the Civil Wars.  Cool shit.

My mom got me the summer playlist code from Starbucks and it's some good shit too. 


  1. You are sooo funny, sweet and wonderful!! AND YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Just jot down ANYTHING and go back and change as your juices begin flowing in that direction. Looking forward to it!

  2. I didn't know you were a musician! Good for you. I can relate sort of vicariously because my husband loves music too, used to be in a band, and would love nothing more than to have that in his life again. I think sometimes people are inspired by their kids, and some people (like me) are sort of creatively drained by all that neediness. Have your pity party and then get your chin back up!

  3. Can't wait to hear it!! Now quit reading this comment and get writing!!!

    ox Kelly


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