Where did Renee go?
I know you all are wondering what bridge I jumped off of, but I am still here.  My computer has been "in the shop", really, my mom's wonderful and techy and useful boyfriend has it back in Orlando.  How I miss you computer, let me count the ways...
Life has been super busy lately, Serena turned 2.  She asked for "balloons, cupcakes...and EAT cupcakes".  How simple.  We also took her to the bounce house place.  She went wild and crazy and was drenched in sweat.  Yesterday, she was drenched in piss, literally.  She took her diaper off before her nap and when I went in, she was freezing and telling me "cold...cold".  Wow.  Mother of the year.  I kept hearing her in there saying "please" but I thought she was just trying to get out of her nap.  She also joked the other day about flatulence.  We were discussing things that are loud, planes, lawnmowers, cars...and I say "what else is loud" and she says "mommy farting".  What a jester.

Other than that, I am going on a women's renewal retreat today at another parish.  I am stoked because the priest I like is the moderator.  I am hoping to get some more insight into my faith before I take the "catholic plunge".  Let's just say the priest who does my first confession is going to need an intermission and maybe some reinforcements.  For real.  Joking aside, I am doing good and I promise once I get my laptop back, I will dazzle you with some more ditties.


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