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I was just speaking to someone the other day about how as we age, our magazine subscriptions change.  In my teens it was Seventeen, Self, National my 20's it was People, Newsweek, that I am 30, I subscribe to Parents, Better Homes and Gardens...etc.
Better Homes and Gardens is just my speed right now.  Since we are new homeowners, I really enjoy the decorating tips, the gardening advice and of course, the recipes.
Are magazines becoming a lost art form?  I feel like I have always loved reading magazines.  I love books too, but sometimes you just want something light.  It's great to just chill with a magazine.  I love short blurbs of inspiration.  I just told Alex that I want to make one of our walls in the kitchen or dining room a magnetic/chalkboard wall...not for Serena, but for me.  I think it would be cool to put up recipes and articles up on the wall, to have a place to go for home inspiration.
sort of like this

...or like this...only better

The problem is, that I want it now.  Alex won't let me do any fun decorating until all of the non-fun stuff is done, like the A/C unit and flooring etc.

Anyway, the point of this post was to share some of the cool tips I read in this months BHG issue.
Here they are, I am spreading the wealth:

1.  Keep icebox cookie dough in your freezer to make homemade treats quickly. 
2.  If painting something a bright color, use gray primer.
3.  To dress up place settings, use mini bouquets of branches from your yard tied with ribbon.
4.  You can make a shitty fitting sweater look good... if you're Heidi Klum
5.  Beauty tips: Use mascara on the inner lashes only to open up your eyes and make them rounder, use coconut oil on damaged hair: warm it, comb it into damp hair, after 15 minutes shampoo and condition it out.
6.  Idiot beauty tip:  For natural waves, curl your hair and use shit! LMAO.
7.  Grapes are freshest this month.  Store them in a covered container (I don't), but I will now.
8.  Eat chocolate, of course a women's magazine will tell you this.


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