The Name Game

I finally remembered to look up baby #2's name definition...the meaning of Cecilia.  My name means "rebirth" and Serena means "peaceful".  So Cecilia, being the name of the Saint I picked for confirmation, the Saint of Music...I thought it would have a cool meaning.
It means...
Blind or Sixth.
Yikes.  Have a jinxed this kid or what?  How can I make sense of this....please be born on the 6th...please be born on the 6th...
Blind.  How can I spin that one.  Let's just negate the "blind" definition, at least until she grows up and looks it up herself.  I know...I will pull a "Sleeping Beauty" and take all the computers in the land and burn them so she can never look it up.  I have read that book too many times.
So Cecilia could be born on the 6th, she ISN'T the 6th  child, although I could tell her she was and that the other 4 were boys so we sold them for labor. 
Oh well, not every name can have a super cool meaning.  She will be super cool on her own.
Speaking of the name game, Serena has mastered it...and her favorite name to guessed it Chuck.
unrelated pic, me and some of my fav mommy friends
Figure it out.


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