I started watching an NPR "live in concert" video of the band Future Islands (Live Concert).  I can respect them.  Not sure I totally love their music though.  It's not making me weep or anything.  I started to trail off and read the rest of the blurb on them.  They use the term Normcore, which I am apparently not cool enough to know.  But it sounds so cool.  Come to find out, it's not cool.  Normcore is about not being cool.  Why is our culture so confusing??? My friend Daniel did a blog post before about being a hipster, In Defense of the Hipster, which is a term that I love to use to make accusations of people and their character. That and Emo.
Ready for me to go deep?

Being cool is so not cool now.  It's like, being like....not different anymore.  To be deep, is so shallow.  It's hip to be square.

That was me being deep.

Alexa Chung, the model/TV presenter/columnist
said this about normcore:
Asked if she's 'into' normcore, she explained: "No, I am into it but I didn't recognise it as a category of dressing, it's just how people dress, but I know friends of mine that were included in the first article who were quite outraged by that. It's weird when you're just existing and people outside it gather you up and take away any unique vibe you thought you had. They're like, 'It's a trend' and you're like, 'What? No, I just exist.'"
this pic is from an article on normcore, it's basically my wardrobe  

Normcore is now going to be my favorite term to describe things.  Everything is going to be Normcore.  Alex is going to hate it.  Probably as much as he hates it when I say "cray cray". 

In fact, I embrace normcore.  I AM normcore.  To the core.


  1. Heuy Lewis said it years ago "It's hip to be square"


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