The Haps 3/17/11

Oh man!  Serena is one.  Pretty badass.  She gets more fun everyday.  She is so much cooler than me and Alex put together...and that's pretty cool.  I have been wanting to blog but we've had family and friends visiting and I've just been enjoying this 80 degree weather by getting my ass outside.  This will be short, got things to do.  I am attaching some pics of Serena.  She had 2 parties, a princess one in Orlando and a cowgirl one here in Tallahassee.  She is a party girl like her momma.  Tonight I am going to the St. Patty's party at my apartments clubhouse.  The ladies assure me there will be plenty of food and beer.  My kind of party.  It's safe too cause I can saunter home.  No driving necessary.  Stay safe people.  If you're not, let the luck of the Irish be with you.  Yes, I am irish, probably about a quarter or more.  So there.  I can wear green and not be a poser.


  1. Awww thanks for sharing your pictures!! Have a great day hun ox


  2. Love her pics and I don't know how you do it...super mom and manage to post blogs/pics etc. You're pretty amazing!


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