Water Anyone?

I ran my first 5K yesterday.  Alex was like "you didn't even make a big deal about it".  My friend Renee asked if I wanted to do it, I was like "sure, I'll run 3.1 miles with one week to train".  Unfortunately I got a cold on day 1 of 7.   I sucked it up and ate Motrin like candy.  I ran 1.8 and walked the rest while pushing Serena around a lake downtown on day 1 and 2.  I thought I would die.  Day 3, Wednesday, I went with Renee to a park and walked/half ass jogged a few miles, we didn't keep track.  At that point in the week my calves and shins felt like someone was constantly smacking then with a razor bladed baseball bat.  More Motrin please.  Thursday I was getting nervous and not any less sore but I make myself run the 3.1 on the treadmill while forcing myself to not look down at the distance.  I looked down when I thought it would be like 2.5 miles...nope, it was 1.5.  I was in for it.  I stretched really hard and ate lot's of ice-cream.  Friday I was sore but we went to pick-up our packets and walked the trails at the park where the race was.  "Woah woah Renee" I said, "I didn't know we would be running through these narrow dangerous rooted and rocked trails".  The edge of the stream is awfully close.  That night I stretched a ton more and ate lot's of ice cream.  It was a surprise that I did not feel sore saturday morning. The Motrin was working by golly!  I didn't feel anything but numbness in my freezing fingers.  It was a gorgeous morning, nice and cool so I wouldn't pass out.  I got warm quick.  I ran the whole thing and now I can't wait to do it again.  "Piece of cake", or should I say "bowl of ice cream".


  1. So ... ice cream is the answer! Shoot. No, it's not. I ate ice cream last week, too.

    But I do think it's only fair that your blog readers know you tried to kill me. :-) I still don't know how you went so fast at the END!!


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