Free Wine Tasting...I'm in!

One more reason I love Tallahassee.  Tonight I went to the free wine tasting at New Leaf Market, which is a co-op grocery in town.  It's not my scene, but I like free wine and I my life consists of playing with a 2 year I was DOWN. None of my mom friends, single friends, women's group friends would go.  Suck it.   Here's what happened (in pics cause I'm buzzed)
the 1st wine, a sauvignon blanc...really strong fruity and oaky

just saw this while trying not to socialize, thought it was my style

2nd wine, I am socializing now, the people are cool, this tastes good

this line was way long and crowded and the kid wasn't drinking

I admitted to the dude I had no idea what Prosecco was, basically it's champagne

New Leaf, how appropriate that it's blurry :)

you know me, I went home with some beers.
The End.
BTW.  It's poker night with the out now!


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