Writing Group Prompt January 2012

This month's writing prompt is short and simple and a very good exercise. For the poets among us, you could adapt this to write a poem about the object: Look around the room and pick an object. Write one paragraph describing the object in full detail and a second paragraph explaining where it came from.
All pink, like her.
Soft on all sides.
Arms that cradle you
and make you feel large.
Perfect size for her, perfect fit.
Her name embroidered,
stains of youth accruing.
Wrinkling and fading in time.
Read me a story.
“Book, Book, Book!”
Sit in my lap and let time stand still,
let this moment linger.
Soon you will not fit,
a chair stowed lifeless and faded
in a useless room.

****My poem was about Serena's chair, it's a pink little couch that has her name embroidered on it.


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