On Health

It's been a long time since I have had a really productive day, where I am fully aware and awake.  For awhile now, I have been thinking that I have a vitamin deficiency.  I can go about a half of a day feeling good, but there is always a time of any day, that I just want to crash.  I am sure if I saw a doctor or nutritionist, they would tell me about 100 things that I am doing wrong...coffee all morning, not enough water, too many sweets, not enough exercise.  I just want a quick fix,  I don't want to change my lifestyle...do I have to?  Ugh.
My best friend is a Holistic Heath Coach, ironic, yes.  She is amazing though, she helps people change their habits and become healthy.  What a lady.  Here is her website Daily Bliss Wellness, she does a free consultation too.  I love that she is taking this path in life, it has great benefits for me.  She gives free teleclasses, I just participated in one and I learned so much, not just about smoothies, but about my body and great things to put in it.  She has a blog and newsletter too.
secret fruit and veggies for kids

delicious smoothie
Anyway, I think we all KNOW what we are doing wrong, it's really about changing those bad habits.  I am going to start by implementing a smoothie in my day, for energy and replenishment...and I am going to try to make healthier choices.  I love that a free teleclass can inspire you.  I think we all just need a little inspiration now and then.  Thanks Christina!


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