Tortured artist

my crazy potty trainer
Yesterday my 2 year old was coloring a picture.
  I was Skyping with my mom and grandma and my grandma said
 "color a picture for Gammy and send it to me so I can put it on my wall!".
So after we got off Skype, I ripped a page out of her Pooh Bear coloring book and then said
"let's color for Gammy!"
She took the red marker and slashed the page like a serial killer, then took the black marker and defiled Pooh's face until it was unrecognizable.
Then later I said "Let's put it into and envelope and mail it to Gammy!"
She then climbed onto the coffee table (she was naked from the waist down due to potty training) and she started to tear it up with her vagina, which she calls "gina".
 Alex and I were cracking up.
She was rip/crawl/humping it.
She is such a tortured artist... or she has no respect for art.


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