A good Laugh

We went to this super ghetto fair around the corner from us last weekend.  Serena was all talk about riding everything, but it took a lot of coaxing and bad parenting to get her to ride the dang rides we spend $15 on.  So there was this frog hop ride, and the guy said Alex could go on it with her, even though most of the others he couldn't.  So they get on, Serena reluctantly, and the thing starts going up.  Then about 8 feet up, it starts to" hop", basically it was abusive banging up and down in quick thrusts...Alex's nuts were already squished at the start and his face was concerned before it even started.  So there they are, Alex trying to suck his nuts in and Serena screaming crying and I am peeing my pants laughing, the carnie is laughing maniacally, as well as a few other bystanders.  The ride finally ended and Alex thanked the guy in a high pitched voice.  We told Serena she was brave and that daddy was crying too, so don't feel bad.  It was one of my favorite moments as a family.


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