Hot Blonde

Leave it to me, to jack up my hair right before I give birth.  I was trying to get ready, you know...shave (which I know is not the last time) , do my nails, touch up my hair, lotion my skin...hey, you never know when she is coming.  It's not that bad, just more blonde than I am used to and a little fried.
I put Serena down for a nap, got my highlighting kit ready.
I started to pull my hair through the cap...WTF!  It hurt like a mot$%$&%$%$%er.  Seriously.  I realized the pick thing that pulls the hair through the cap was all jacked, usually it is just a little bit hooked, but this one was not quality was like a medieval torture device. Did I stop using it?  No, because I paid for it and I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am NOT going to waste time taking it back.  So I suffered through it, I was talking myself through it, almost crying, saying "pain for beauty Renee"...
Instead of it pulling my hair through in small, thin strands to make subtle highlights, it was pulling large knotted lumpy strands.  I should have stopped, I knew it was a poor course to choose.  So, now I  am pretty a blonde beached whale.  Excuse the no make-up in the photo.
My cosmetologist mom would be so
Who's next?


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