How many licks??

This morning I was an ogre.  I just couldn't bring myself to adult, even after being woken up by kicks in the boob and iced coffee.  Luckily for me the two little ones can get into mischief together and 1% of the time I don't give a S&#*.  But, I got up off the couch and went in the kitchen to see the damage and this is what I found.  
If you don't watch the video, basically the 1 year old gets a lollipop out of the drawer and the 3 year old knows its bad news, but when they realize that I don't care and I think it's cute they proceed to get it open with some teamwork.
I mean, they love each other so much.  Cecilia is such a sweet big sister.  Both of my girls are in love with Samuel as much as I am.  Isn't that sweet?  Thank god I didn't have a 3rd girl.  Don't judge.


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